10 Free Tools to Help You Understand Your Social Media Audience

Try to make sure that you are crafting your social media posts according to the audience wishes is the best way to make sure that you catch their attention. There is still a lot more learn when it comes to social media audience which are on the major platforms. If you are still wondering about your audience behaviour, you can make use of the many tools that help you understand these audiences better.

Buffer Analyze

Buffer Analyze is a social media analytics tool which can help give you a basic description of the demographics about your audience. This allows you to know your target audience, and with a few tweaks in your posts, you can effectively change your posting strategy for the better.

Audience Insights

Facebook has a hidden feature which is called the audience insights, which is a very powerful tool allowing you to understand your Facebook page better. Click on the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the Facebook page< Select manage ads< Select Facebook ads menu< Select audience insights which can easily give you the right tool to access the right information about your audience.

Instagram Insights

Instagram is one of the most popular apps and is one of the best ways to make sure that you are aware of your followers’ behaviour. Instagram offers free native analytics which you can use to learn about your followers. Click on the profile photo< Tap on the analytics buttons< Click the Followers section< Click on see more. You will get information from gender distribution, age range distribution, top locations and times and days your followers are most active. This can give you an idea about the effective marketing strategy which can keep you the right insights allowing you to use it for your advantage.

Social Rank

This is another free Instagram tool which can help you with your profile is Social Rank. If you have connected your Instagram account to Social Rank, it can easily give you a summary of your followers. The information that it provides comes under ‘popular bio words’ and ‘other hashtags’. Also, the section allows you to keep a track on the postings of your followers which allows you to understand their postings better.

Graph search

Graph search is one way to make sure to help understand the things that you audience like. With you understanding the right way you can be sure that you suggest the right pages which can allow you to prioritise your audience and friends. This can be essential, especially when you like some pages which is already liked by your friends and your Facebook followers as well.

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