The Socialyzer API enables application developers to intelligently schedule the over 40 billion pieces of content that are being shared across the web every month.

In doing so, application owners can give their users a huge uplift in social engagement on the content that they are pushing out to their respective audiences.

The Socialyzer API pipes data through the Socialyzer Optimization Engine. This engine then crunches over 20 variables while analyzing things such as audience demographics, post content, trending topics and more* to predict the absolute best time to publish a particular post.

Help your users increase their social engagement and build their online influence by integrating our simple API today!

How it Works
Socialyzer Optimization Engine analyzes tons of data, crunching an ever increasing number of content, network and user specific variables.
Socialyzer Optimization Engine predicts the optimal time to share a post!
API sends back response with details
Your users get more clicks, retweets, likes, comments etc!